Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloodwork v2

:) Recently Pat( comipa) decided to update bloodwork's design . I still love Bloodwork's old design seen here.

Now the only thing I didn't like was her heel. For those who don't know me I don't care for heels on hand to hand fighting females.

Pat asked me awhile back when I was getting a commission form him if he could redesign her. Said her design was kinda old and he wanted to give her a newer look. i thought about it for a while and thought it would kinda fun to update her look.

Me personal I like the boots and the design. I'm actually surprised and blown away by how she looks now. it feels like a natural progression. I her story she may or may not have all this equipment at once but I'll make it work. The only thing I might change in the comic is her fangs on her helmet. Other than that tell me what you think.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm not dead.

Recently I started work my new character Fynnn. I can't really say that much about her but I'm having fun playing around with her story.

:) I decided to add White Cross into her story. I really found a nice role for her.

anyways that's all for now. :) thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The reason why My OC's have helmets.

Most of you that know me know I'm a power rangers/Sentai/ kamen rider Fan. That is not the reason they are wearing a helmet. When I was younger I watch a lot of sci-fi shows that had a motorcycle helmet theme vigilantes.

Street Hawk:

Super force:


Another influence I would have to site and this may sound odd but Tales from the crypt.

This was one of the main influences for Bloodwork and Penance stories. I used the first three influences for Cat Scratch and Kaymi. Now the helmets are just for look. I do have plots for them in all of mine stories and they have a lot to do with the character that's wearing them. As for the reason all my oc's wear body suits no it is not for me to stare at. a lot of female characters in comics , movies and any kind of story usually wear outfits that either has a lot of skimpy and exposed part that annoyed the hell out of me. I mean if they're in a knife fight or close combat Nine times out of ten some one is gonna strike that spot and it's supposed to be a shock to the audience. *Sign* Plus I swear the creator or designer just wanted to show off some fan service. FUCK IT, LET'S SHOW THEM SOME CLEAVAGE. Anyways I find the body suits a lot more practical in design and Suitable for the situations I put them in.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cat Scratch

Name: Cat Scratch (Real name Mel)

Age:  Unknown, believed to be 24

Occupation:  Costume hero.

Talents/Skills: Cat Scratch is hand to hand expert. Tracker.

Physical Characteristics:

Distinguishing features:  Cat theme outfit.

How do they dress:  See link.

Mannerisms: Ambitious 

Habits: Takes high risks

Health: good

Hobbies: Plays with yarn.

Favorite Sayings: 

Greatest Flaw:  Ambitious nature can get the better of her.

Best Quality:  Ambitious nature makes her a good follower.

Self-confidence: Yes

Motivation: To report the world’s greatest story

Fears:  Being trap as Cat Scratch forever.

History: Mel was you average reporter until she was kidnap and transformed into Cat Scratch.  As ambitious reporter she will used this as a opportunity to document her superhero life and make herself into the world's greatest story.

art work by colors by

Penance profile.

Name: Penance 

Real Name: 

Age:  25

Nationality:  Unknown

Occupation:   Vigilante 

Talents/Skills:  Trained Boxer, suit abilities

Height: 5’7 

Weight:  120

Race:   Human

Distinguishing features: Costume.

How do they dress: See Link below 

Mannerisms:  Polite, thoughtful, honest, and straight to the point.

Habits: Watching how other people move.

Health: Unknown

Speech Patterns: Well spoken speaker.

Greatest Flaw: Can be a bit too trusting.

Best Quality:  Mature strong honest Nature.

Self-confidence: Yes.

Motivation: To fight for those without a voice

Fears:  Her Personal feelings

History:  Penance Like Bloodwork has no memory of her past but unlike Ayuu she has a little bit of regret that she does not understand.  She feels her past is important and must be protected fiercely. Penance wears a full face helmet because when someone looks at her face they become overwhelm with insanity and terrified of anything they see. She dislikes guns and will often show off her hand to hand skills in front of a gun user to make them look inferior for having a gun.

Now at first penance was created just to give Bloodwork a rival. This ideas didn't click with me for some reason so I decided to make her  her own character and yes she has religion values if you couldn't tell by the design but she doesn't hit you over the head with it.  

She a boxer which I wanted because one, I am a boxer fan and two, it felt like a idea I could work with and expand on.  I want to protray her as a nice but serious character.

artwork by  penance @ William Harris

Bloodwork profile.

Name: Bloodwork.

Real Name: Ayuu Xion 

Age:  25

Nationality:  Unknown

Occupation:   Mercenary for hire

Talents/Skills: Adept at any weapon she can get her hands on.  Prefers guns, katana or her bike.

Height: 5’7 

Weight:  120

Race:   Human

Distinguishing features: Costume.

How do they dress: See Link below 

Mannerisms:  Upbeat, sarcastic and eccentric 

Habits: Always talk over people and interrupts the conversation

Health: Unknown

Speech Patterns: Deep tone speaker

Greatest Flaw: Wild impulsive attitude makes a manageable situation worse.

Best Quality:  Fearless mature Nature

Self-confidence: Yes 

Motivation: Money and pleasure.

Fears:  Her Personal feelings

History:  Blood work has almost no memory about herself and she doesn’t care.  Blood work is a mercenary for hire.  She’ll work for almost anyone who pays her price.  Over the years she has gain a reputation for being a dangerous an uncontrollable merc.  

Truth is she’ll fight for anyone who’s paying for her services, very rarely will she do anything for free and if she does it’s usually for a good cause.  Bloodwork wears a full face helmet due to her face causing uncontrollable violent insanity. 

Now when I made this character I thought she was just going to be a side character who really wasn't going to mean that much to my story but then I was surprised how people started to like her and well she grew on me to the point that she is my main character I focus my stories on.  

Artwork by designs by comipa and  thankyou guys.

And so it begins

Ok I got myself a blog.  I guess i'll be using this to display my characters and give some back story. So I guess I better get started