Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cat Scratch

Name: Cat Scratch (Real name Mel)

Age:  Unknown, believed to be 24

Occupation:  Costume hero.

Talents/Skills: Cat Scratch is hand to hand expert. Tracker.

Physical Characteristics:

Distinguishing features:  Cat theme outfit.

How do they dress:  See link.

Mannerisms: Ambitious 

Habits: Takes high risks

Health: good

Hobbies: Plays with yarn.

Favorite Sayings: 

Greatest Flaw:  Ambitious nature can get the better of her.

Best Quality:  Ambitious nature makes her a good follower.

Self-confidence: Yes

Motivation: To report the world’s greatest story

Fears:  Being trap as Cat Scratch forever.

History: Mel was you average reporter until she was kidnap and transformed into Cat Scratch.  As ambitious reporter she will used this as a opportunity to document her superhero life and make herself into the world's greatest story.

art work by www.ryuuen.deviantart.com colors by www.chopstyx.deviantart.com