Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Penance profile.

Name: Penance 

Real Name: 

Age:  25

Nationality:  Unknown

Occupation:   Vigilante 

Talents/Skills:  Trained Boxer, suit abilities

Height: 5’7 

Weight:  120

Race:   Human

Distinguishing features: Costume.

How do they dress: See Link below 

Mannerisms:  Polite, thoughtful, honest, and straight to the point.

Habits: Watching how other people move.

Health: Unknown

Speech Patterns: Well spoken speaker.

Greatest Flaw: Can be a bit too trusting.

Best Quality:  Mature strong honest Nature.

Self-confidence: Yes.

Motivation: To fight for those without a voice

Fears:  Her Personal feelings

History:  Penance Like Bloodwork has no memory of her past but unlike Ayuu she has a little bit of regret that she does not understand.  She feels her past is important and must be protected fiercely. Penance wears a full face helmet because when someone looks at her face they become overwhelm with insanity and terrified of anything they see. She dislikes guns and will often show off her hand to hand skills in front of a gun user to make them look inferior for having a gun.

Now at first penance was created just to give Bloodwork a rival. This ideas didn't click with me for some reason so I decided to make her  her own character and yes she has religion values if you couldn't tell by the design but she doesn't hit you over the head with it.  

She a boxer which I wanted because one, I am a boxer fan and two, it felt like a idea I could work with and expand on.  I want to protray her as a nice but serious character.

artwork by www.comipa.deviantart.com.  penance @ William Harris

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