Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bloodwork profile.

Name: Bloodwork.

Real Name: Ayuu Xion 

Age:  25

Nationality:  Unknown

Occupation:   Mercenary for hire

Talents/Skills: Adept at any weapon she can get her hands on.  Prefers guns, katana or her bike.

Height: 5’7 

Weight:  120

Race:   Human

Distinguishing features: Costume.

How do they dress: See Link below 

Mannerisms:  Upbeat, sarcastic and eccentric 

Habits: Always talk over people and interrupts the conversation

Health: Unknown

Speech Patterns: Deep tone speaker

Greatest Flaw: Wild impulsive attitude makes a manageable situation worse.

Best Quality:  Fearless mature Nature

Self-confidence: Yes 

Motivation: Money and pleasure.

Fears:  Her Personal feelings

History:  Blood work has almost no memory about herself and she doesn’t care.  Blood work is a mercenary for hire.  She’ll work for almost anyone who pays her price.  Over the years she has gain a reputation for being a dangerous an uncontrollable merc.  

Truth is she’ll fight for anyone who’s paying for her services, very rarely will she do anything for free and if she does it’s usually for a good cause.  Bloodwork wears a full face helmet due to her face causing uncontrollable violent insanity. 

Now when I made this character I thought she was just going to be a side character who really wasn't going to mean that much to my story but then I was surprised how people started to like her and well she grew on me to the point that she is my main character I focus my stories on.  

Artwork by www.comipa.deviantart.com designs by comipa and www.raz-x-.deviantart.com  thankyou guys.

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